Getting your photos taken can sometimes be intimidating. We've prepared some tips for your future photoshoot with us.
Lifestyle photoshoots are different from the typical ‘Posing’ photoshoots. Instead of going somewhere for the sole purpose of taking pictures, lifestyle shoots are meant to primarily to capture real life moments. And because they are meant to capture real world moments, the venue can be anywhere. Here are some tips to help your session go a little bit smooth; 
Expect your privacy/comfort to be a little bit invaded (especially if you are having it your own home)
We will do our best to respect your privacy and your comfort. However, due to the nature of photography we may need to get really close to you, or shoot from vantage points that may be uncomfortable. It won’t be personal, but we also may need to move furniture or other things around your home to compose our shots. We encourage you to be a little bit comfortable with being uncomfortable, but if it becomes too uncomfortable, please let us know. 
It’s okay to have a little mess! 
As long is it’s not an overflowing trash can, or dog poop everywhere, it’s okay to have some mess. Remember, we are shooting real life situations, so we want real life environments. So if blankets, clothes, and toys are strewn throughout your home, it’s okay. And if it’s not, we’ll move it out of the shot. Rule of Thumb: if it’s stinky, it may not look good in a picture. 
Plan an activity
Whether it’s cookies or playing a game, plan something to do. If you have children in your session, try to plan to teach them something (children learning to bake is super cute), or pick a book to read to them. The point is to have fun while you get your pictures taken!
If you have poses that you want, it’s okay to ask for them
Just because it’s a lifestyle shoot, doesn’t mean we can’t try to get photos that you want specifically. So if you want the whole family sitting on the couch together, ask for it. Or if you want grandma playing with a baby, ask for it. We are serving you, tell us your needs and wants.
You can do some research if you want
Go ahead and Google lifestyle photos for whatever you’re doing to get some ideas of what you might want your moments to like. Tip: type whatever your doing into google with ‘lifestyle photography’ at the end. Examples: “Family Indoor Lifestyle Photography” “Party Lifestyle Photography”
Stay in the moment
This may be the hardest, but try to pretend that we are not even there. Do your best to not anticipate what we trying to capture, and just do what you would normally do. There’s no need to move in or out of shots (unless we ask you to). There’s no need to pose ‘fake’ moments (unless we ask you to, or you request something specific). Just do your best to stay present and forget about the cameras. (Yes, we know that’s easier said than done, we’re open and flexible)
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